Private tours on lake Baikal

Lake Baikal classic Summer tour

Lake Baikal is famous for its striking beauty. It is also a place surrounded by local legends. Our journey will allow you to not only see the lake’s beauty, but also to get to know something of the history and culture of the peoples inhabiting its shores. The programme includes an excursion around Irkutsk, visits to its museums, a trip to the Baikal Museum and to the Open-Air “Taltsy” Museum of Architecture and Ethnology. In addition, we offer a trip on a special train for tourists along the unique Round-Baikal Railway. One day of the programme will be dedicated to a trip to the capital of the western Buryats, Ust-Orda, including a visit to the museum and a shaman ritual. You will also have the chance to visit the famous Island of Olkhon – the gem of Baikal. There we will take a trip over rough roads to the north of the island where you will be able to see all the beauty of the natural landscape: stretches of steppe and forests, sandy beaches, Baikal’s bays and inlets, as well as capes and marble cliffs covered in red lichen.

private tour baikal Summer
Travel program
  • Learn about the local species and get the first taste of what Baikal is like in Listvyanka
  • Hit the Former Baikal Railroad and get fascinated with the history of the place
  • Marvel at the diversity of Siberian nature during a one-day hike along the shores of Lake Baikal
  • Explore Olkhon – the pearl of the lake and the keeper of its true spirit
  • Take a closer look at Irkutsk – the city of old churches, merchants’ glory and lovely old wooden houses

Reasons to travel to lake Baikal in Summer

  1. Warmest season: The temperature rises to 30 degrees C, although it is refreshing next to the cold water of Lake Baikal.

  2. Delicious meal: We will taste Russian and Buryat dishes, as well as local Siberian products.

Tour details

1st Day: Arrival in Irkutsk

On Day 1 you arrive in the capital of East Siberia, but we will stay here only for a short while. After the long journey we suggest to relax in natural surroundings.

2nd Day: Listvyanka and Taltsy

The group sets off with a guide to Listvyanka, 63 km from Irkutsk. This a very pleasant drive along a beautiful road surrounded by the Siberian taiga. On the way we suggest we call in at an interesting museum of Siberian wooden architecture, Taltsy, where you will learn about the peoples of Pribaikalye, their culture and traditions. A unique collection of wooden houses has been gathered here, amongst which the most interesting are thought to be the wooden Ilimsk stockade, Kazansk Church, the farmstead of the peasant Nepomiluev, and some others.

After arrival in Listvyanka, we will visit the Baikal Museum where you can learn about the interesting history of the formation of the lake, its geology, geography and animal kingdom. The aquarium with live exhibits of some of the lake’s inhabitants – Omul, gobies, sideswimmers, sponges and freshwater seal – the Baikal nerpa, is particularly interesting.  

After the museum we will set off to the viewing platform on Cherskii Rock from which a wonderful view of the lake, source of the Angara and Port Baikal, opens out.

The group will remain in Listvyanka overnight.

3rd Day: Bolshie Koty

Going by boat to the small village of Bolshie Koty and enjoing day hikes around the village.

4th Day: Bolshie Koty

Day hike around the village and piknik on the shore.

Returning to Irkutsk by boat

5th Day: The Round-Baikal Railway

Today, it is planned to make an excursion along the Round-Baikal Railway – a unique architectural monument that stretches 84 km along the shore of Baikal. It includes over 400 artificial structures including 39 tunnels, numerous galleries, bridges, stone viaducts and supporting walls, all of which were built 100 years ago.

The train moves very slowly so that it’s possible to enjoy the beauty of the lake and striking beauty of Baikal’s western shore. It also makes stops at the most interesting places where one can stroll around and take a close look at the sights of the so-called golden buckle of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

In the evening the group returns to Irkutsk.

6th Day: Trip to Khuzhir

First we will set off for Ust-Orda, where will visit the Museum of Buryat culture and mode of life.  At the museum a short shaman ritual awaits us performed by the local shaman. He will also tell us many interesting things about the traditions of his people. After the museum we will have lunch where you can try Buryat national dishes. In about four hours’ time we will be in Khuzhir, the main settlement on the Island of Olkhon.

Breakfast, Lunch, Supper

7th Day: Khuzhir

Today it is planned to make a tour of the settlement not far from which is the famous Cape Burkan, also named Shamanka. The evening is free.

8th Day: Cape Khoboi and Three Brothers Cliff

Today we set off in a small bus (UAZ) to the north of the island. The roads in these parts are ‘wild’ and often almost impassable, however, it’s worth it! Our first stop will be in a beautiful place called Kharantsy from where you will see the realm of the spirit of Baikal on the cliffs of the shore opposite. Driving over the steppe, forest and sandy dunes you will come to understand why Olkhon has been called the heart of Baikal! Our next stop will be at Cape Tri Brata, steeped in legend. Our main aim is Cape Khoboi, the northernmost point of the island, after which we turn south and back to Khuzhir.

Accommodation in a guesthouse in Khuzhir

9th Day: Boat trip

Today we will go on an interesting journey to some islands in the Maloye Morye (Small Sea). First, we will call in at the Island of Ogoi where there is a Buddhist stupa of enlightenment. We may even see a freshwater seal, the Baikal nerpa, if we’re lucky.

10th Day: return to Irkutsk
11th Day: sightseeing tour of Irkutsk

The tour will last approximately 4 hours and will include the historical centre, 3-churches square, Karl Marx Street, the 130th historical quarter and a few other interesting places. During the excursion you will get acquainted with the history of the city.

12th Day: departure

Transport to Irkutsk airport

Price and services

Price: from 1650 Euros

Price depends on group size and itinerary.

Travel price includes:
  • Tour guide in English / German
  • All transfers during the trip
  • Overnight stays in hotels, inns and host families
  • All excursions according to the program with visits to museums
  • Meals according to the program
  • National Park Fees
  • Visa invitation
Not included in the tour price:
  • International Flights
  • Visa application costs
  • Health insurance in Russia
  • All expenses of a personal nature
  • Single Room

For more information please contact me via e-mail

Travel info

Entering Russia

Please check the required documents to enter Russia:

  • valid tourist visa if required. For some countries it is now possible to enter with an e-visa for 16 days.
  • travel passport, valid for at least 6 months on departure
  • travel insurance

There are direct flights to Irkutsk from Moscow, Bangkok, Hanoi and Beijing. There are also possible connections via Istanbul, Antalya, Tashkent and Bishkek airports, etc.

Other information

This trip can be customized for you. Other dates are possible on request. The tour price depends on the group size, duration and period of travel.

"We had many wonderful experiences and it was a wonderful trip thanks to Dimitri, for which we would like to thank him once again."

Gisela Raupach

"Dmitry took us to the most beautiful places on Lake Baikal in 11 days... If you are hungry for nature and have always wanted to get to know the Russian soul, then go for it! With Dmitry you are in good hands"

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