Guided tours at Baikal

The Island of Sun and Wind (tour to Olkhon Island with excursions)

A three-day tour with excursions on the Island of Olkhon, including a trip to the north of the island.

Duration: 4 days

Season: 15thMay – 15th December, 1st February – 25th March

Level of difficulty: Suitable for all tourists


This tour with excursions on the Island of Olkhon will suit those who prefer transport by vehicle as opposed to more energetic forms of travel.  The tour includes a trip to the north of the island along very rough roads. This tour, however, will give you the chance to see all the beauty of the island: steppe and forest landscapes, sandy beaches, bays and inlets of Baikal, also capes and marble cliffs covered in red lichen. We also offer a trip to the Island of Ogoi with its Buddhist stupa of enlightenment.

1st Day: Journey to Khuzhir

The journey to Khuzhir, the main settlement on the Island of Olkhon, will take a whole 6 hours, nevertheless an excursion around the settlement is planned for the evening. This will include the famous Cape Burkhan, also known as Shamanka,  that is situated nearby.

Accommodation in guesthouse.


2nd Day: Excursion to the north of the Island

We will set off in a small bus (UAZ) to the north of the island. The roads in these parts are very rough and often almost impassable, but it is worth it! Our first stop will be in the beautiful Kharantsy where you will see the realm of the spirit of Baikal on the cliffs of the shore opposite. Passing over steppe, through forest and sandy dunes you will come to understand why Olkhon is called the heart of Baikal! Our next stop will be Cape Tri Brata (Three Brothers) that is steeped in legend. Our main goal is Cape Khoboi, the northernmost end of the island. From there we will return south to Khuzhir.

Accommodation in guesthouse in Khuzhir.

Breakfast, Lunch, Supper

3rd Day: Return to Irkutsk


Optionally, you can take a few free days on the island or add a number of interesting excursions to your journey:

  • A trip by boat to the Island of Ogoi with its Buddhist stupa of enlightenment with sacred texts and religious items sealed up in it. From here we will go to the shore of the Maloye Morye Strait where we will make a short hike to springs.
  • A trip by launch to a seal haul-out on the Island of Zamogoi.
  • A cycle tour to Teshkinie valley and Lake Shara-Nur.
  • A visit to a Buryat village including sampling of national dishes and folk group performance.
  • Economy

    - no guide

    - family owned guesthouse

    - public bus to Khuzhir


    - guide

    - public or private transfer

    - family owend guesthouse

    - private excursion


    - guide

    - private transport

    - private excursion

    - better accommodation

    Price depends on group size. Please contact me via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.