Guided tours at Baikal


Transsiberian Adventure - from Moscow to the lake Baikal

Duration: two weeks

Price: on request*

*price will depend on groupe size, desired train ticket class and accommodation rate

Tour Highlights:

  • ​​Visit Moscow, Kasan, Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk
  • See the deepest and oldes lake in the world - Lake Baikal, take the train along the coast, visit Olkhon Island in the heart of the lake
  • Spend several nihts and days in the russian train

Tour details

Day 1. Welcome to Russia. Arriving to Moscow.

Evening Moscow walk along Arbat street.

Day 2. Moscow tour. Evening train to Kasan.

Spend a day visiting, Red Square with famous St Basil's Cathedra, exploring the fascinating Moscow metro.

In the evening we will take the train to Kazan.

Day 4. Explore Kasan historical center.

See the Istanbul of Russia. Kazan Kremlin is one of the most beautiful in Russia, see the mosques, and well preserved historical center.

Dinner at the tatar family.

Day 5. Day in the train.

Enjoy a full day on the train crossing the Ural Mountains and the border between Europe and Asia. Arrive to Yekaterinburg in the evening.

Day 6. Ekaterinburg

Explore the sights around Yekaterinburg, including the Church of All Saints and the Romanov Burial Site.

Day 7. Krasnoyarsk

Visit Krasnoyarsk at great river Yenisey. Hike to Stolby Wilderness area with famous rock formations, or going to one of the biggest hydroelectric dams in Russia.

Dinner at the Russian family.

Day 8. Day in train.

Day 9. Arriving to Irkutsk. Going to Olkhon Island.

After arriving we will take the bus and head to the biggest Island of deepest lake in the world - Olkhon. Arriving to the lake Baikal in 4 hours you will have some free time and walk to the famous Burkhan cape - most secret place for shamnists of northern Asia.

Day 10. Explore the Island.

Discover the island by Russian off road bus UAZ. You will see steps and forests, rocks covered with red lichens, and lake with views on the mountains.

Day 11. Returning back to Irkutsk and explore the wooden architecture and old churchies.

Early departure from the island and lunch at the Buryat restaurant. The buryats are nomadic Mongolian relative tribe leaving for centuries around lake Baikal. Try some local food.

After arriving back to the town and explore churches and wooden architecture of Irkutsk that is older than St. Petersburg.

Day 12. Visit Listvyanka and Talci open air museum.

Departure to Listvyanka and visit Talci museum. Here you can see collection of original wooden houses some of them are more than 300 years old. Visit Baikal museum with aquariums and see the endemic fish and fresh water seal - nerpa.

Day 13. Baikal train

Taking train on the old part of Transsiberian railroad which was excluded from the main stream. From the one side you will enjoy views of lake Baikal and Mountains on the other side of the lake, the other side will be mountains and picturesque valleys and small villages. On the stops we will visit some tunnels, viaducts and galleries which were constructed by Italian engineers over 100 years ago.

Returning to Irkutsk.

Day 14. Departure from Irkutsk via airplain.

Take the plain back to Moscow and from where you can fly almost in any country. Or continue exporeing Transsiberian railroad by visiting to Ulan-Ude, Chabarovsk and Vladivostok.

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