Guided tours at Baikal

Discover lake Baikal With Your Personal Guide

I provide guiding service in Irkutsk, around Lake Baikal and along the Trans-Siberian Railroad. I can help with excursions, transfers, train tickets or accommod

ations. Please contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Choose one of our suggested itineraries below or customise your own

Irkutsk with locals

3 hours

Old siberian wooden architecture, orthodox churchies and local market.


Lake Baikal for one day

1 day

Visit wooden architecture museum and aquariums with fresh water seals. 


Historical Baikal railway

1 day

39 tunnels, fascinatign nature, organized trip by train. Ask for tickets here!



Great Baikal Trail

1 day

24 km hike for real nature lovers.




Olkhon Island


from 3 days / 2 nights

The parl of Baikal including excursion tio the most beutiful sights of the island.



Transsiberian adventure

I invite you to one of the great journeys of modern times and discover Russia on Tran-Siberian Train. You will visit different  rich Moscow, see the moscs and kremlin in istanbul of Russia - Kasan, cross the boarder between Asia and Europ in Yekaterinburg, hike along siberian taiga forest and amazing rock formations in Krasnoyarsk, discower wooden arcitecture of Irkutsk and deepest and wonder oldest lake in the world Baikal!

Summer classic tour around lake Baikal

Explore the most famous and beautiful places of lake Baikal - Listvyanka, Circum Baikal Railway and Olkhon Island. This tour is the best opportunity to visit the region, see landscapes and nature, meet local people and try traditional food.

Winter adventure at Baikal

Winter in Siberia is not so cold as people used to think. But it is fascinating and beautiful! here you can walk or even drive on the 1 m thick clear ice of lake Baikal, visit the caves covered with icicles and wonder the blocks of blue ice that pressure of lake creates during the winter. In the evening you will enjoy the warm accommodations, Russian food and drinks and banya (Russian sauna). It is a journey you'll never forget!




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